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Granite Router, Engineered Stone Router, Edge Profiling Machine Route,r Oma CP99, Part# 8002

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Part Number: 8002


Oma CP99 Hydraulic Edge Profiling and Polishing Machine

Oma CP99 Hydraulic Edge Profiling and Polishing Machine Granite Router for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Quartzite Counter Tops

60% more horsepower than electric units

The Oma CP 99 Hydraulic Granite Router is an Italian made stone router designed for years of stone fabrication production.

Powered by the Oma 4 HP hydraulic power unit which provides power by means of hydraulic fluid to the router.

The Oma CP99 Hydraulic Granite and Stone Router has many advantages over traditional electric stone routers:

  1. No electricity at the head of the machine. Zero chance of electric shock to the operator.
  2. Eliminates all electric motor vibration that electric motors will create.
  3. The hydraulic pump provides so much power to the spindle that it becomes practically impossible to slow the machine down, even on 6cm profiliing.
  4. The same hydraulic pump runs the Oma Antarex bow cutting machines, as well as the Galaxy hand saw.
  5. Variable speed 0 - 7,500 RPM. With 100% complete control over rpms, this takes full advantage of profiling and polishing. At 7500 rpms, the Oma router bits will profile as fast as any other 10,000 rpm router on the market. By turning the rpms down, it allows optimum speed for the polishing wheels to create a ready to install finish.
  6. Hydraulic pump allows the CP99 itself to be much lighter and more compact.Rather than external loc line that can be accidentally hit and the bit run dry, Oma provides center water feed through the spindle and bits. This keeps everything in the machine: bearings, spindles, hydraulic oil, etc, running cool for extra longevity.

Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of the bit running dry. It also ensures the bit will never clog.

The Oma company started, and is still active, in the aeronautics industry. Precision manufacturing is not expected. Its demanded and guaranteed!

The Oma System of profiling and polishing wheels are no exception to this rule. What you are buying with the CP99 router, is a state of the art profiling and polishing system that allows a router to truly save you time and effort in the fabrication process.

The Oma CP99 comes with an aqua planning base designed differently than its competitors. By having many water holes across the entire base, the CP99 Aqua base creates an incredibly stable and steady platform. Even when you get to the corners and edges of the stone and part of the base accidentally comes off the stone.

Also, because there is constant flow of water being pushed from the inside out, it helps to prevent pieces of stone from sliding under the router and create scratches.


    20" x 12" x 16") (500 x 300 x 400mm). Weight: 35 lbs (16kg).This compact and light weight router makes it easier to use, less user fatigue, and easy to move from one work table to another. Built with aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel construction with fiberglass covers(not plastic) the CP99 is a router that will provide many many years of fabrication work.

Recommended Profile and Polishing Speeds:

  • POS.0 sint. from 4500-7500 rpm
  • POS.1 sint. from 4500-7500 rpm
  • POS.2 prodiam from 4500-9000 rpm
  • POS.3 extradiam from 4500-6000 rpm
  • POS.4/5/6 truelife from 2500-3500 rpm

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Oma CP99 Edge Profiling Router

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