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3 Step Hybrid Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

3 Step Wet or Dry Polishing Hybrid Pads

The 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads are designed for wet and dry use and are compatible with many materials including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartz

The Technology developed behind these white resin 3-Step diamond polishing pads is truly an advancement that will change the fabrication process.

In the past, we all knew that in order to get a real deep quality polish, 7 step pads couldn't be beat. Then we started seeing 5 steps. Sometimes they worked on light materials. But when it came to dark granites, we would get good results but still have to use a buff pad.

So when the 3 step diamond polishing system came along, many of us thought: "what is this gimmick? It is possible to work on light materials but the polish will not be there, especially on dark stone". In reality, this is true in many cases and if you use less expensive 3 step diamond polishing pads, you may not even get that.

In a 3 step diamond polishing system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart from the competition. In other words, cheap simply will not deliver the desired results.

Demonstration Results

When we take the Weha 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads to a shop, we hear, "the fabricator has already tried a 3 step and it didn't work." And they are skeptical to try them. So we ask the fabricator to go get a piece of black or brown engineered stone, a white marble, a black granite. Then we have the fabricator to run a 3 foot section with these pads to just see the results.

After seeing the results, he will call every fabricator in the shop over to come and see the finish. If you run them you will just shake your head and can't believe that 3 pads will give that depth of gloss and polish.

Scope of the Results

We are not talking about just light materials. That is a given. We have seen the results on many materials, including:

  • Black Absolute
  • Baltic Brown
  • Uba Tuba
  • Black Silestone
  • Gray Silestone
  • Brown Silestone

What about marble? Absolutely! Why buy separate 4, 5, or 6 step marble pads? Let the shop use the same pads on all the stone that comes through the shop.

What about Dry polishing? There are times that you want or have to run pads dry. The Weha 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads will polish marble and granite completely dry with outstanding results. You cannot use them dry on quartz materials. The heat generated burns the resin in the quartz.

Quality is Priority

Quality at a very competitive price is what these polishing pads offer. As with any premium quality product, price cannot be equal to inferior made products. As the old saying goes: "you get what you pay for." That saying is extremely true in 3 step pads.

You cannot manufacture 3 step pads using cheap materials, inferior diamonds, and poor quality resin and get the results needed to generate a quality polish.

Weha 3 Step diamond polishing pads are made using the best diamonds, materials, and resins. Frankly when these diamond polishing pads are made, price is not the concern. Polish, deep polish, fast polish, polish on marble, polish on granite, polish on quartz. That is our concern. Speed, polish, production, quality. That's it.


So what are the end results of using these polishing pads?

  1. Better quality finish than traditional 7 step pads.
  2. 40%-60% faster shop production.
  3. 1 diamond polishing pad to polish marble, granite, quartz stone.
  4. Priced at the traditional 7 step quality polish pad price.


What are the benefits to you as a fabricator?

  1. No worries about the quality of work going out of your shop because of pad issues.
  2. Drastic increase in shop production. Get more footage out the door every single day.
  3. Using 1 set of diamond polishing pads, the fabricators in the back get extremely familiar with pads and can get greater efficiency and life out of the pads.
  4. Using 1 set of diamond polishing pads make it more simple for purchasing, less cost in multiple types of pads.
  5. The cost per Linear foot will be the same or less than buying the 7 step pads.

Be careful who you give it to in the back for testing. If the guys are hourly they will NOT like the pads! If the guys are being paid on production or subcontracting let them test the pads. You very well may see different results.

Weha wanted the fabricator to cut their polishing process to half the steps, saving 50% labor, doubling production, while improving the quality of the polish. Weha 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads have fully achieved this with results that have to be experienced to believe.

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