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Plate Glass Storage and Material Handling

You may be inclined to think that Weha USA provides equipment and tooling solely for the stone industry. However, that could not be further from the truth. Many Weha material handling equipment and tools designed to work on natural and engineered stone also are compatible with other materials as well. One example is glass. There are others too, but right now we will focus on the compatibility of A-frame racks used for plate glass.

Handling Glass Plates - What to Consider

As you may already know, one of the keys to handling plate glass, sheet glass, float glass, etc. is that it can be very heavy. Furthermore, being able to get a good grip on the material can be challenging. To assist with this awkwardness, making use of vacuum suction cups to carry the load reduces the challenge of working with plate glass, sheet glass, or float glass. Even smaller pieces are easier to handle and work with using some of the tools on this page.

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Plate Glass Storage Racks

In addition to handling, lifting, and working with plate glass, storage of large glass plates or sheets is also something that takes forethought and the right equipment. Often times, lifting glass sheets or plates is much easier if your plate glass is stored (and transported for that matter) in the upright position. For upright storage to be effective, the right rack design makes a difference.

The A-frame storage and transport rack on this page are designed to hold very heavy loads so that storing plate glass and sheets of glass material is easily managed. Even if you are simply moving glass plates across the facility, the wheeled transport racks make the trip much easier than it would be using other methods. Whether you are handling or storing tempered glass plates or other large glass panels of some kind. You may find that the plate glass storage racks here are the best for your glass panels. They are durable and made for many years of use indoors and out.