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Stone Slab Storage Equipment

Weha Stone Material Handing Equipment: Storage Solutions for Granite and Stone Slabs, Counter Tops, and Stone Waste

Weha Manufacturers a complete line of granite and Stone Storage Slab Racks, Stone waste containers, A frame Storage racks, and Remnant Stone Storage racks for granite, marble, engineered stone.

Weha Slab racks can hold full slabs of granite and stone. Weha Bundle Racks come in 2 different lengths. 10' as well as interlocking 5' lengths.

Slab Racks for Storing Granite

Our newest slab rack is the Weha Heavy Duty Remnant Stone Storage Rack. A stout, sturdy 5' rack painted safety yellow and excellent for storing cut pieces, vanities, and remnants of all kinds.

Weha offers the
Bison Slab Bundle Rack in 5 foot length. The Bison 5' Slab Storage Rack is virtually the same as the Bison Slab Rack but in 5 foot length instead of 10'. But the Bison 5' Slab Rack interlocks creating the possibility to lock multiple Bison 5' Slab Racks together for continuous storage without gaps.

The Weha A Frame Stone Storage Slab Racks have a 6" spread at the top that does not allow full slabs to touch. at 12,000 lbs of storage on each side, the Weha granite A frames Storage rack can store full bundles of stone on each side

Granite Waste Bins

Weha also offers a galvanized Waste Container Stone Trash Bin. The Weha Stone Scrap Waste Container is a perfect to throw the broken pieces of stone in for easy dumping.

Click on any of the above or below links to see more details and pricing. Weha is your Granite and Stone Material Handling source!

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Slab Bundle Rack, Granite Slab Rack, Stone Slab Bundle Rack, Best Bundle Rack Part # 137605 Weha 72" Buffalo Slab Rack Slab Storage Rack, Bundle Slab Rack, Granite Storage Rack, Part # 137328
Weha Hippo Bundle Rack Set
Weha Price: $2,346.00
Weha 72" Buffalo Slab Rack
Weha Price: $1,479.00
The Strongest & Highest Weight Capacity

. Each set of Post hold 10 3cm Slabs
11,500 lb per set of Poles
Stone Storage Waste Container Trash Bin, Part #8161264 Part# 127435 Slab Storage Racks Slab Bundle Rack Rack Bison 5 Granite Remnant Rack, Stone Remnant Rack, Storage Remnant Rack Part # 134947
Weha Bison 5 Slab Racks
Weha Price: $739.50
Weha Yellow Remnant Rack
Weha Price: $378.00
. . .
A Frame Storage Rack, A Frame Bundle Rack, Granite Storage Rack, Stone Storage Rack part #137635 Single Sided A Frame Storage Rack, Granite Storage Rack, Part # 139453 Part # 8161266 Weha Block Wedge Kit
A frame Storage rack Double
Weha Price: $270.69
Single Sided Storage rack Se
Weha Price: $236.00
Block Wedges
Weha Price: $364.73
Sale Price: $150.00
Savings: $214.73
. . .
72" Buffalo Slab Rack Pole Weha Buffalo Slab Rack 60" Replacement Pole Square Slab Rack Pole, Granite Slab Rack Pole, 2 x 2 Square Slab Rack Pole, Part # 8020669
72" Buffalo Slab Rack Pole
Weha Price: $74.90
60" Poles for Bison Rack
Weha Price: $65.28
. . .
Weha Hippo 60" x 6mm Replacement Pole Part # 8010173 Edge Saver 4cm Part#  8020686 Cross bar for Weha A frame Storage Rack
Edge Saver 4 cm
Weha Price: $53.08
Cross bar for Weha A frame
Weha Price: $45.90
. . .
Part # 8010172 Edge Saver 3cm Weha Remnant Rack Part # 123079 White Rubber Cap for Bison/Buffalo Poles
Edge Saver 3 cm
Weha Price: $40.29
Weha Remnant Rack
Weha Price: $10.20
. . .