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Weha 4" Aluminum Diamond Turbo Cup Wheels for Granite and Stone: Turbo Diamond Segment and Turbo Resin Filled Aluminum Diamond Cup wheel

Weha Aluminum Backed Diamond Turbo Cup Wheels are made specifically for granite, engineered stone, hard marbles, concrete, and Quartzite stone.
These Aluminum Granite Diamond Cup wheels are light weight and perfectly balanced.
Because of the light weight of the aluminum body, these aluminum cup wheels create less stress on the grinder than heavier steel body diamond cup wheels
Weha granite Aluminum Cup Wheels are made with a turbo style diamond cup wheel pattern to remove stock faster and to be more aggressive in grinding and shaping the stone.
The Weha Aluminum Turbo Diamond Cup Wheels come in Coarse, Medium, Fine grits

Weha also produces the 4" Aluminum Resin Filled Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel.
This offers the same features as the standard diamond cup wheel but with resin. This allows less chipping and and any chance of bounce during the fabrication process.
The Resin Filled Aluminum Diamond Cup Wheel is still aggressive, though not quite as aggressive as the Aluminum Non Resin Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel.

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