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EZ3 Three Step Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

EZ3 All Purpose Wet Polishing Pad

The EZ3 three step wet polishing pad system is an all purpose polishing pad system that is designed for use on all materials. While this polishing pad is not the highest rated in any one area, it does rate good in all of them, making it a great all around pad.

This pad is made to be used on a variety of materials including:

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Hard Marble
  • Engineered Stone

Polishing Pad Features

The EZ3 Three Step Polishing Pads are a wet diamond pad that offers good life while polishing fast at a good price. These pads are made of a flexible material so they work well for polishing non-flat areas. The polish produced by these pads is good on medium to light colored materials.

Although this polishing system will not achieve a "perfect" polish, that is, literally 3 steps and install it, it is a good pad for the price and does a good job. For a wet polishing pad that is superior, you will find the Trio 3 Step Polishing System a great "flexible" polishing pad system with superior results. And to get that "perfect polish" that is literally 3 steps and done, You may want to check out the Trilogy 3 Step 3 step "perfect polish", wet polishing pad system.

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