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Material Handling Slab Lifters and Forklift Booms

Slab Lifters & Booms

Let's face it! There are materials that would be impossoble to move if there was not equipment to assist workers with the task. This area has a variety of equipment that is intended for that purpose. If you use forklifts in your workspace and you handle materials that are heavy, the gear for dealing with that material is in this section.

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Part#  8010202 Weha R 400 Scissor Stone Slab Lifter Slab Grab for stone, quartz, granite Part#  8010204 Weha R 400 Twin Scissor lifter Slab grab, granite, marble, stone Stone Slab Lifter 1000 Plus Part#  8010205
Part#  8010210 Weha Slab Grab R 1000 Slab Scissor Lifter, Granite, Stone Part#  8010215 Weha R 1500 Lifter Granite, Monument, Concrete, Stone Weha Slab Grab Jumbo R 1000 Scissor Lifter, Monument Lifter Part#  8010216
Part#  8010235 Weha Riba 1 Cable Series Lifter for Granite, Steel Plate, Stone Part#  8010240 Weha Riba 2 Cable Series Lifter for Granite, Steel Plate, Stone Part#  8010245 Weha Riba 3 Cable Series Lifter for Granite, Steel Plate, Stone
Part # 8010591 Weha Forklift Eye Hook Part # 8010608 Weha Adjustable Angle Telescopic Boom Swivel hook with shackle for forklift boom. SIKA-SWIVEL HOOK type WHS 10-8 Part#  119791
Weha Fork Lift Eye Hook
Weha Price: $257.45
Weha Telescopic Boom
Weha Price: $3,082.64
Weha Swivel hook 3.15 ton
Weha Price: $171.80
Weha Red Boom Knob Replacement Pad for Scissor Lifter, Weha R 1000, Scissor Lifter R 1000 Jumbo, R 1500, Part # 8021082 Part # 8010227 Cable Connect Sling
Weha Red Boom Knob
Weha Price: $178.26
Cable Connect Sling
Weha Price: $64.42
Weha Slab Grab Jumbo 2 R 1500 Scissor Lifter, Monument Lifter, 20"-38" Part#  8010217 Weha Yellow Forklift Boom for natural and engineered stone slabs and bundles #123661
Yellow Telescopic Forklift Boom
Weha Price: $1,230.00
Material Handling Slab Lifters and Forklift Booms

Lifting Equipment

Equipment for lifting stone slabs, metal plates, and even sheets of other materials can be found in scissor lifting clamps and locking type clamp lifters areas.

Forklift Booms

If your warehouse, factory, or fabrication shop has a forklift, adding a boom, telescoping boom , or even just an eye hook can help you handle more (or heavier) material than you currently do.

Lifting Accessories

Accessories for making use of forklift booms, eye hooks, or one of the lifting clamp solutions mentioned above are available in this area of the website.