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Water Wall Dust Collection System

This dust collection booth is made to trap 90% of dust and is all stainless steel and is heavy duty. This wet dust collector is made to eliminate 90% of dust particles generated by natural & engineered stone during the fabrication process.

Long Lasting Magnetic Back Up Pads

These 4" rigid aluminum back up pads are magnetic and quick connect functionality; extending the life of the hook and loop fasteners. These back up pads last up to 7-10 times longer than other fabrication back up pad fastening systems.

Weha Flap Diamond Cupwheel

The Weha Flap Diamond Cupwheel is an outstanding aluminum backed diamond cup wheel for light shaping and polishing process on granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite, ceramic, porcelain and other materials.

Weha Ceramic & Porcelain Core Bits

The Weha Porcelain and Ceramic Core bits are for use on porcelain and ceramic tile and slabs. Also excellent on granite, marble, engineered stone and quartz stone. Will not chip the ceramic or porcelain around the hole.

Granite Rail Saw TSA 3HP Portable Track Saw Part# 14408 Achilli Rail Saw TSA 3HP

This item includes a Free 14" Blade

Weha Price: $3,813.00
Granite Bridge saw blade, granite diamond bridge saw blade,16" x  25mm Pantera Diamond Bridge Saw Blade #134182 16" x 25mm Black Cougar

Weha Price: $520.66
Part#  50250 Weha 4" Rubber Turbo Diamond Cup wheel - Coarse grit 4" Rubber Diamond Cupwheel


Weha Price: $73.44
Granite Bridge Saw Blade,25mm Diamond Bridge Saw Blade, 25 mm Stone #134177 14" x 25mm Black Cougar

Weha Price: $340.26
Part#  13355 5" Weha 3 STEP Hybrid Step 0 Diamond Polishing Pad Granite Marble Engineered Stone 5" 3 Step Hybrid Step 0


Weha Price: $35.75