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4" Weha Quartz Polishing Pad 400
Part# 164400 4" Weha Quartz Diamond Polishing Pad 4 Inch 400

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Weha Price: $14.00

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock

Part Number: 164400

Weha Quartz Diamond Polishing Pad 400 Grit for all Quartz Stone as well as Granite and Quartzite.Weha Exclusive Geo Pattern Design

The Weha Quartz polishing pads are made using the Weha exclusive Geometric Water Displacement Technology Pattern design.

This Geo Pattern design allows water to flow across and through the pad more efficiently, keeping the pad from hydroplaning and allowing it to "bite" into the stone. This means the pad achieves a polish faster than conventional brick pattern polishing pads.

The Geo Pattern design also eliminates the segments coming off on the outer edges of the pad. Polish inside bowls, ogee edges, tight inside corners of rectangle sinks and you will not have to worry about the pad coming apart on the edges.

The Weha Quartz diamond polishing pads with the Geo Pattern pads are made with high concentration of diamond into each grit, allowing the pad to create a high gloss finish with the speed that other diamond polishing pads can't achieve.

Weha Quartz Engineered Stone (ES) Diamond Polishing Pads were made with white resin designed specifically to eliminate all bleeding on Quartz, Engineered Stone materials. However, these premium pads will also work outstandingly on all granite and quartzite stones as well.

Weha has tested these Quartz diamond polishing pads on practically every material made: Silestone (by Cosentino), Zodiaq, Ceaserstone, Santa Margherita, LG, Breton materials, and more. The results? Weha Quartz diamond polishing pads create a perfect polish match on these stones.

Just because these pads are specified for Quartz engineered stone, they will work on granite, marbles, and quartzite stones.

4" diameter

3mm thick

Super quick polishing

Really good polish

No outer segment loss due to tight radius and inside sink corner polishing

Highest diamond concentration for polishing pads

Extremely Flexible

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