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Back Up Pads

Weha offers Back Up Pads for almost every application for polishing and fabrication granite and Stone.

Weha Hook & Loop Back Up Pads are made with real quality materials, premium glue and the best hook and loop that can be used.

Weha has the following 7 different types of Back Up Pads:

  1. Weha Flexible Back Up Pads

    These are the most used back up pads. With a nice mid flex that allow the diamond polishing pads to hug the stone on radius profiles, bowl polishing, even ogee edges. Brass 5/8-11 Threads. The following size options are in stock:

  2. Weha Rigid Back Up Pads

    These Rigid Back Up pads are made of hard resin to produce a zero flex back up pad that will work excellent for polishing flat edges, bevels, surface polishing, back splashes, seams, etc. Brass 5/8-11 Threads. Choose from the following sizes:

  3. It is so difficult for fabricators to find a really good aluminum back up pad. Weha has found a great quality aluminum back up pad that is super solid, perfectly flat, premium hook and loop, and a glue that holds the hook & loop on even when used dry and the heat builds (which is usually where other aluminum back up pads fail). The following size selection is available:

  4. Weha Super Flex Back Up Pads

    Flexible Back Up Pads to the extreme! These very thin Super Flex Back Up Pads are outstanding for ogee edges, all different types of bowl polishing, tight inside radius's, etc. Brass 5/8-11 Threads. Available in three sizes:

  5. Snail Lock Back Up Pads

    These are the best snail lock back up pads that can be purchased. Designed primarily to withstand the pressure of automated C Frame and other automated machines, these are made with many premium features. 5/8-11 Brass Threads. Rubber insert around the Brass thread to reduce vibrations, and to break away in case the machine jams. This saves serious repairs to the machines. When used by hand on grinders and polishers, they just might last forever! Choose from two sizes:

  6. These 4" Snail Lock Hook & Loop Back Up Pads are rigid hard resin pads with super strong hook & loop hook and loop. They are an outstanding choice for automated machines and are available in two sizes.

  7. Frankfurt Hook & Loop Back Up Pads

    These back up pads are excellent for the radial arm and floor machines. Hard, rigid plastic with quality hook and loop.

  8. Weha Magnetic Aluminum Back Up Pads
    Weha Magnetic aluminum back up pad system extends the life of both the back up pad and the polishing pad by about 7-10 times longer than other back up pads

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