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C Frame 5 Step Diamond Polishing System for granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite, and all natural stone.

Weha C Frame Automated Diamond Tooling is very high quality diamonds made specifically for machines like Park Industries' Pro Edge.

The Weha 5 step diamond polishing system consists of 2 snail lock graphite metal diamonds and up to 4 diamond resin polishing pads.

The Copper metal pad #3 is an optional metal that is used only on very dense materials and dark pieces, such as absolute black.

This Granite diamond polishing pad would not be used on marbles or engineered stone.

The Weha C Frame 5 Step diamond polishing system can be used on full bullnose, half bullnose, flat and bevel edges.

The high gloss polish finish will be equal to any other high name brand 5 Step diamond polishing system found on the market today.

4" (100mm) system. Position 1 and 2 metal diamonds are snail lock. Resin diamond pads are hook and loop backed

NEW FOR 2022!

Weha Donkey Polishing Pads for the Park PRO-EDGE and Other Single Head C machines

Weha has created a 4" Donkey Diamond Polishing Pad system for the Park Industries PRO-EDGE C machine. The Donkey PRO-EDGE Pads work on marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, and all natural stones. It also produces perfect matches on sintered and porcelain material as well

For flat and eased edges simply use #1,2,3,1000,2000, and optional 3,000 depending on the stone.
For larger radius, use the Weha Graphite #1,#2 and then start with the #1 Donkeys.

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