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Protective Film With Caution Warning

Natural & Engineered Material Protective Film

Have you have ever had a newly installed surface get scratched or otherwise damaged after it was installed? If so, you will immediately see the benefit of these protective film products designed for temporarily coating your newly installed kitchen countertops.

Countertop Scratch Protection

One way that installed countertops get damaged is from other tradesmen coming into the work space after the surface is installed and laying tools, supplies, and ladders on the surface. And even though the goal is to not have your newly installed kitchen countertop used as a workbench, if it does happen, having a protective coating will help prevent damage caused by scratches.

Preventing Scratching

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That's why our protective film has the warning on it in large lettering. Written in English and Spanish and positioned in such a way that it can be read from from virtually any angle, it gives other trades sufficient notice to keep off the surface. Weha's protective film is available in two colors so that no matter what color of stone you work with, your warning will be visible.

The Mils Scale & Comparisons
1 Mils = 25.4 Microns = 0.001 Inch
Mil Thickness Micron Thickness Inch Thickness Thickness Comparison
1-2 25.4-50.8 .001-.002 1 Sheet of Copy Paper
3-4 76.2-101.6 .003-.004 U.S. Dollar Bill
5-6 127-152.4 .005-.006 Household Aluminum Foil
7-8 177.8-203.2 .007-.008 Glossy Photo Paper
9-10 Mils 228.6-254 .009-.010 Business Card
12-14 Mils 304.8-355.6 .012-.014 Poster Board
30 Mils 762 .030 Credit Card
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