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Granite and Stone Installation Products

Weha offers many products for Granite and Stone Installation. From Clamps to suction cups, we've got the tools needed for installation suction cup sizing includes:

Looking for the suction cup assembly for easy installation of granite counter tops without breaking them? We have the double suction cup assembly.

We also offer a variety of seam setter and leveler units for pulling the counter top seams nice and tight and holding it until the glue has set. One comes with white rubber vacuum suction cups that works well on light colored stone.

For carrying granite into the house, you may find the stone carrying clamps to be a very helpful tool.

Click on any of the above links or click below to see more details of the granite and stone installation tools.

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Part# 8010422 Replacement Double Suction Cup for Suction Cup Assembly Weha Double Suction cup

Weha Price: $58.08

Part # SET080041 Weha Angle Suction Cup Assembly Weha Angle Suction cup

Weha Price: $1,177.58
Part# 8010423 Weha Double Suction Cup for Stone, Tile, and Glass Double Suction cup

Weha Price: $38.77

Part# 8010414 7' Replacement bar for Suction Cup Assembly- Each 7' replacement bar for

Weha Price: $121.99

Part # 8161266 Weha Block Wedge Kit Stone Edge Protector Block Wedge Kit

Weha Price: $364.73
Sale Price: $150.00
Profit: $214.73
Sink Setter PW-99-P Brass Under mount Sink Installation Kit Part # PW99P Sink Setter 14" - 26"

Weha Price: $33.38
3 Cup Suction Cup 3 Cup Suction Cup

Weha Price: $118.64
Sale Price: $85.50
Profit: $33.14

Pop-It Universal Sink Clip Pop-It Universal Sink Clip

Weha Price: $76.50