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Portable & Mobile Dust Collection Systems

Mobile & Portable Dust Collectors

Mobile dust collection equipment is becoming more and more important as safety concerns related to respirable crystalline silica continue to grow. Work environments that are not stationary benefit from the use of mobile dust collection uinits. Silica is present in many materials used in construction. So it's clear that protecting workers against breathing various kinds of dust generated by a diverse set of tasks is necessary. For example, gypsum board (a.k.a. drywall) can contain silica. Additionally, in response to the question, " Drywall and drywall joint compound frequently contain only trace amounts of silica (frequently less than 1 percent). Is work on or with such materials covered by the standard?" on their website, OSHA made the following statement:

"The RCS standard does not include an exemption based on the silica content of materials used.... ...employers should be aware that exposures could reach or exceed 25 µg/m3 as an 8-hour TWA in situations where employees are working with drywall or sanding joint compound for long periods of time in very dusty conditions. In such cases, employers must comply with the silica standard, including paragraph (d) (“alternative exposure control methods”), which requires employers to assess and limit the silica exposures of affected employees. See 29 CFR 1926.1153(d)."

Hence, much of the cutting, sanding and other work done in enclosed spaces generates dust. And even though workers may be wearing PPE, added safety of a dust collector in the room where the dust is generated is not a bad thing.

Mobile Dust Collection

Dust collectors with mobility benefit professionals using them. The ability to move a dust collection system from one station to another is advantageous. One advantage is that a single machine can be used as a dust extractor for multiple workbenches. You can set the mobile dust extractor up right next to the area in which it will be used and extract the generated dust as it comes off the tool(s). Then, you can move the same unit to another workstation of the same type. Or you can move the dust collector (or extractor) to an area in which completely different machines are being used. In short, the ability to take the machine to anohter location in the shop and use it is not only convenient, but adds versatility as well.

Portable Dust Collection

There are scenarios where the mobility of a machine is nice, but portability is important too. Having equipment that an be taken to a job site and used there is the epitomy of convience and effiectiveness. Portable dust collection systems afford professionals the benefit of reducing dust just about anywhere they work. One important factor for portable dust collectors is that they be light enough to transport but strong enough to effectively collect dust.

Growing the Line of Mobile and Portable Dust Collection and Extraction

We are always interested in helping you with your dust collection needs. And we continue to grow our line of portable mobile dust collection systems. If your industry needs a specific piece of equipment and you cannot find the right machine, let us know. We may be engineering or developing new equipment that might solve your portable dust collection problem.

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