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Long Life Diamond Polishing Pads

Extra Thick Polishing Pads for Long Life

The Weha Schein Diamond Polishing Pads very flexible diamond polishing pads and will polish quickly, leave a brilliant polish, and will last much longer than standard polishing pads and are a great pad for the price. These hook & loop backed pads are perfect for a variety of materials including:

  • Granite
  • Hard Marble
  • Engineered Stone

The 4" Schein are 3.4 mm thick! Thats 12% more diamond than standard polishing pads.

The 3" and 5" Schein diamond polishing pads come with a full 3mm thick of diamond.

When compared to other diamond polishing pads in their price range, the Schein flexes, out polishes, and out "Scheins" the competition! These pads start flexible and remain flexible to the very end. Schein pads polish all the way to the cloth!

Available Sizes

  • 3" Diameter
  • 4" Diameter
  • 5" Diameter
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