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Venturi Vacuum Lifters for Natural Stone, Landscaping, Steel, and other Sheet Material

Weha offers a complete line of Granite and Stone Material Handling Venturi Vacuum Lifters.

Weha Granite and Stone Material Handling Venturi Vacuum Lifters come in a variety of sizes, pads per vacuum lifter, and different weight capacities depending on the type of material you will be transporting.
All of the vacuum lifters can be used on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, blue stone, all landscape stone, as well as steel and other sheet materials.
Weha venture vacuum lifters can be used on polished, smooth, textured, rough, and uneven surfaces.

Weha T series Venturi Vacuum Lifters are pneumatic air powered venturi vacuum lifters. They range from Single pad, 3 pad, 4 pad, 5 pad, and 8 pad cups

Weha EP series Stone Vacuum Lifters are both Pneumatic powered as well as hand pump powered venturi vacuum Lifters. These are single cup vacuum lifters

All of these Granite and Stone Venturi Vacuum Lifters are produced in Weha's very own factory in Konigsbrunn, Germany.

Weha Stone Vacuum Lifters are premium quality vacuum lifters designed to last for years, with very easy maintenance and inexpensive operating costs.

With a full line of accessories and parts, Weha USA stocks the parts needed to quickly service the Weha Vacuum Lifters

Browse the below vacuum lifters and accessories and click on them to see the full details and videos of the Weha vacuum lifters in use.

Weha is your Granite and Stone Material Handling source!

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Vacuum Lifter, Venturi Vacuum Lifter, Automatic Tilt Vacuum Lifter, Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter Part #138514 Venturi Vacuum Lifter, Pneumatic Vacuum lifter Handpump and Air Connection, Part#  118674 EP 600 Vacuum Lifter Pneumatic and Hand pump #115764
Weha A 1500 Multi Pad Automatic Tilt 5 Pad Vacuum Lifter
Weha Price: $7,686.72
Sale Price: $5,764.50
Savings: $1,922.22
EP800 UNI-PAD-loaded
Weha Price: $3,627.60

EP600 UNI-PAD-loaded
Weha Price: $3,456.92
T800 Unipad Pnuematic Air Vacuum Lifter- Air Only Part#  118656 Part#  115905 Weha T600 Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter Vacuum Lifter, Singe Pad Vacuum Lifter, Air Vaccuum Lifter, Pneunmatic Vacuum Lifter Part # 140361
T150 UNI-PAD Vacuum Lifter
Weha Price: $2,150.00
Part#  8010296 Weha T300 Pnuematic Vacuum Lifter Air Part # 129817 Vacuum Ejector for T-800 Part # 8020800 Vacuum Ejector Weha Lifters w/yellow Tank
Vacuum Ejector
Weha Price: $326.40
Vacuum Ejector with Filter for A1500 ET Check Valve 3.8" for Vacuum Lifter A1500 Part # 118952 Vacuum Ejector with Filter with Traverse 08/2011
Part # 115581 Water Trap for Weha Vacuum Lifters Part # 117221 Joystick for Vacuum Lifter T1500 Part#  8020828 Aluminum Housing for Vacuum Lifter Cup 6" x 21"
Water Trap for Weha
Weha Price: $192.27
Joystick for Vacuum Lifter
Weha Price: $193.39
Aluminum Housing for
Weha Price: $143.68
Part#  8020829 Replacement Foam Ring For Vacuum Lifter Part # 8020818 Pressure Gauge/Manometer for Vacuum Lifters Part # 125353 Replacement hose for Vacuum lifter (5 feet)
Pressure Gauge/Manometer
Weha Price: $46.11
Check Valve for Ep Vacuum Check Valve for Ep Vacuum T Piece for Ep Vacuum
Check Valve for Ep Vacuum
Weha Price: $33.53
Check Valve for Ep Vacuum
Weha Price: $26.69
T Piece for Ep Vacuum
Weha Price: $8.06
Sound absorber for Ep Vacuum Angle Pieces for Ep Vacuum Part#  8020613 Weha Green Rubber replacement pads for Lifters
Replacement Rubber Pad
Weha Price: $24.79
Part # 115084 Replacement Foam Ring T800 Hand slide valve for A 1500 Vacuum Lifter Replacement Foam Ring Weha Vacuum Lifter, 21.5 x 11.75 Part #139639
Center Rubber for lifter Weha Unipad Replacement Pad for EP600 Weha Stand for A 1500 Vacuum Lifters
Center Rubber for lifter
Weha Price: $261.96