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Porcelain Tile Blades

Diamond Tile Blades for Porcelain

If you are looking for blades designed for cutting porcelain, you have found the right place. Mesh, continuous rim, and super-thin are all options for achieving chip-free cutting on porcelain material. Weha USA offers many sizes of porcelain blades and many of those styles as well.

Thin Porcelain Blades

The thinner the blade, the thinner the kerf and the less friction. That means there is a lower potential for chipping. Thin rim blades we offer include the Ultradunn thin blade, Ceramica Mesh, and the TF Thin Force porcelain blades.

Continuous Rim Blades

Another feature of porcelain blades that reduce chipping is a continuous rim. Constant contact with the tile means that the blade actually cuts the tile rather than removing material by impact. The Xubi and Copper Core lines of continuous rim blades are designed to produce chip-free cuts effectively.

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