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Stone Turbo Blades

Stone Turbo Blades & Quad Turbo Blades

Weha Diamond Turbo Blades are made specifically for cutting very hard stone material. To cut hard stone, the blade must hve the appropriate specifications and these blades have them. Although each of these blades work on a variety of materials, each group offers specific characteristics that may make them preferable in certain cases. These blades will work for use on:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Engineered Stone
  • Quartzite

Great for Hard Stone and More

Made with the very high diamond content and a bond to keep the blade sharp, these blades will cut fast and clean. In fact, you can cut anything that comes through the shop with these blades even though they are made to cut hard stone. There are Ultra Premium blades and Economy Blades listed on this page. To see more select the group below.

Blitz Ultra Premium Quad Turbo Blades

Cuts as fast as any other premium diamond turbo blade on the market at any price level.

Red Cat Performant Economy Turbo Blade

Highly performant economy blade designed to cut various materials effectively.

White Lion Blades for Quartzite & Quartz

Known as the "King of the Quartzite Jungle" white lion blades have a reputation for effectively cutting quartzite, although they also work well for other materials.

Side Cut Quad Turbo Blades

ST Diamond Turbo Granite Blade is extremely aggressive in cutting but leaves the stone super smooth because of the side diamonds.

Mesh Turbo Sintered Stone & Porcelain Blades

Ceramica Thin Kerf Mesh Turbo blades are extra thin blades designed to cut sintered stone such as Lapitec, Dekton, and Neolith fast and extremely clean. These blades also cut ceramics and porcelain tile just as cleanly.

Thin Force Turbo Blades

TF Quad blades are extra thin turbo blades designed to cut fast and virtually chip free.

Puma Quad Turbo Diamond Blades

Puma Quad Turbo Blades are an excellent price to performance blade for hard natural and engineered materials like granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone.

Common Features

All of the blades in this class of blades may be used in both wet or dry environments. Additionally, all these groups of turbo blades have air holes in the body to dissipate heat that would otherwise build up from the friction at the contact point.

What makes these turbo blades the best turbo blades in the industry? The following points are just some of the reasons.

  • A full 10mm high diamond rim for maximum life expectancy
  • A bond built specifically for quartz and quartzite
  • Very high diamond content and a bond to keep sharp
  • Cooling holes to keep the blade running true and help extend life
  • Quad holes for quad adapters for many useful applications
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