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Tools for Radial Arm Machines

Weha offers radial arm machine tools that are designed for granite, marble, engineered stone counter top production.

Looking for the essential diamond tools needed for radial arm machines? We have the necessities for your production system. Our diamond radial arm finger tips offer great life and are fast cutting.

The Weha Frankfurt button diamond shoe are the perfect solution for honing, breaking the polish, and pre brush preparation on granite, marble, and engineered stone counter tops.

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Radial Arm Finger Bit, Diamond Radial Arm Finger tip Part#  30515 Part#  30520 1/2 Gas x 14mm Thread  Adapter for Radial Arm Finger Tip Part#  50290 Weha Frankfurt Button Diamond Shoe
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Part # 30251 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" Vac Brazed Straight  bit with Top Bearing Part # 100100 Frankfurt Diamond Brush 36 Grit Part # 100101 Frankfurt Diamond Brush 46 Grit
1 1/4" x 1 1/2" Vac Brazed Straight bit with Top Bearing
List Price: $105.00
Weha Price: $105.00
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Part # 100102 Frankfurt Diamond Brush 60 Grit Granite Fabrication Work Station, Radial Arm Work Station, Fabrication Center Part, Achilli SMART #MR33M01
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