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Weha offers a full line of Diamond Finger bits for both CNC machines and Radial Arm machines. Excellent for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartzite stone materials

Weha has different types of Granite and Stone CNC Finger bits, for different operating parameters. All diamond CNC finger bits can be used on all CNC machines.
How do you choose which one to choose?

1) Determine the RPM of your CNC machine
2) What Feed Rate do you want your cnc machine to run?
3) How many segments do you prefer on your Diamond cnc Finger Bit?
4) What length of cnc Finger Bit do you need for your stone cutting?
5) Are you looking for a high speed production cnc finger bit or a cnc finger bit that will last a very long time?
6) What will you be cutting: Granite, Quartz, Engineered Stone, Marble with your cnc finger bit?

Weha offers different Diamand CNC Finger bit options that will allow you to specifically choose all of these different parameters to find the perfect bit for your shop production and speed.

See the basic info below and then click on the one that fits your parameters to see the full details of the bit.
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