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Weha Diamond Contour Blades for Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Quartzite, Concrete slabs and counter tops

Weha offers a complete selection of granite contour blades, marble contour blades, engineered stone contour blades, quartz contour blades.
Weha diamond contour blades are the best bowl cutting diamond contour blades for granite, engineered stone, marble vanities and any circular cuts that need to be made.
Weha has several different designs of diamond contour bowl cutting blades for a variety of needs.

The Weha Blitz 5" Vacuum Brazed Diamond Contour Blade is the smoothest, chip free cutting/grinding contour blade on the market for cutting out vanity bowls and other radius cuts in granite, marble, engineered stone, etc.
Due to the quantity and quality of the full 8mm of turbo diamond segments around the rim of, life of the Weha Blitz Vacuum Brazed diamond granite contour blade will exceed other branded diamond contour blades.
The vacuum brazing on both the inside and the outside core of the Blitz granite contour blade is a real game changer. This vacuum brazing creates the smoothest running granite contour blade available today.

The Weha 5" Matrix Turbo Diamond Granite Contour Blade with Side Diamond Cutting is a fast cutting, no vibration contour blade made specifically for granite vanity bowl cut outs.

The side diamonds on the Weha Matrix Diamond Turbo Contour Blade extends a full 1 3/8" down the blade, assuring the side diamonds will cut completely through 3cm granite and stone.
Ultra grade diamonds, strong core steel, speed, life, no vibration, smooth running,cutting to the line. This is what makes the Matrix Diamond Turbo Granite Contour Blade one of the best diamond granite contour blades, hands down.

The Weha 5" Vacuum Brazed Marble Contour Blade is designed specifically for cutting vanity holes and radius circle cuts in marble and other soft stones.
The vacuum brazed diamond grit used to manufacture the Weha Marble Vanity Contour Blade was made to provide absolute minimal chipping and the cleanest cut of any diamond contour blade on marble.

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