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Weha Manufactures 3 different size Singe Sided A-Frame carts for granite, marble, engineered stone, and all natural stones.

Weha Single Sided A Frame Carts are excellent for transporting finished counter tops and islands in box vans. The back side of the Weha Single Sided A frame Carts can be placed flat against the walls, leaving plenty of room to load the vans as well as access tools throughout the truck.

The Weha Large Single Sided A frame Cart is excellent in the shops as well as on box vans. They can be placed with the back flat against the wall near bridge saws or cncn machines for storing scheduled jobs.

The Weha standard Single Sided A frame Cart is shorter and not as long for more flexible mobile use.

Weha stone material handling and stone transport equipment are produced in Germany by Weha with quality as the 1st and foremost important factor in the production process.

Please click on one of the Weha Transport Single Sided A Frame Carts below to get the details and see pricing.

Weha box truck granite a frame racks are the best for transporting granite, marble, and stone counter tops inside vans and trucks

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