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White Lion Quartzite Diamond Bridge Saw blades

20mm Height ARIX Layered Diamond Technology

Outstanding in Quartzite, Granite, and Engineered Stone.

White Lion Blade - Not just for Quartzite. The White Lion Blade is one blade for all stone material in granite, engineered stone, quartz materials.

the white lion blade is best known for how well it performs in quartzite. But the White Lion is also perfect for quartz, granite, and even marble.

You do not have to change your blades anymore. Use the White Lion Blade for everything in the shop

German Silent core Steel to run quite and smooth.

With a patented diamond segment design to increase cutting speed by 35%.

Weha has built this blade specifically for Quartzite but it will cut Granite and Engineered stone like butter.

The Segment is the Layered ARIX technology to give high diamond concentration and continuous diamond contact with the stone. The bond matrix is specifically for granite and quartz engineered stone.

What core did we use? German silent core, of course!

What we produced is a premium designed blade that will give a fab shop production, speed, clean cuts, life, and overall exceptional performance.

1) What bond will be used for the material you will be cutting? The White Lion Bridge Saw blade bond was made specifically for Quartzite, Granite, and Engineered Stone.

2) What type of Matrix will be used? We used the ARIX Layered diamond Technology for continuous diamond contact to the stone and maximum diamond concentration for extra life

3) Do you want life or speed? Well, we wanted both! By using the ARIX matrix diamond technology with the segment design to remove the slurry and "bite" the stone, we have achieved a fast cut of 10-15 ft per minute with exceptional life.

4) How tall of a segment will be used for the material being cut? We chose a 20mm segment height based upon the bond of the segment. This 20mm height will achieve the same life of a 25mm Bridge Saw blade but without the risks that come with a 25mm blade (segments breaking, misjudging the blade and jamming into the stone, the last 5mm of the segment not cutting). The Weha White Lion will cut to the core!

5) What type of core will be used for the job at hand? We have chosen to stay with the most widely used and respected core in the world, the German-made Silent Core. This core will run quite, smooth, and will not fatigue or deflect during cuts.

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