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24" White Lion Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade Donatoni
24" White Lion Donatoni Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade

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Part Number: 128909D

24" x 20mm x 60mm Donatoni White Lion Diamond Bridge Saw blade for Quartzite, Granite, Engineered Stone

24" Quartzite Diamond Bridge Saw blade made specifically for the Donatoni Bridge Saws.

Donatoni Bridge Saws require a blade with a pin in the core. Weha White Lion Bridge Saw Blades offer come with the pin in the core for exact mounting for the Donatoni saws.

Details about the the Weha White Lion Quartzite Diamond Bridge Saw blade

The Weha White Lion Quartzite Diamond Bridge Saw blade is the best diamond blade to cut Quartzite Stone. Outstanding on Granite and Engineered Stone as well.

Arrix (array) diamond layered technology for constant high speed cutting.

Outstanding life for 20mm diamond bridge saw blades

With a patented diamond segment design to increase cutting speed by 35%.

Diamond segment design will not chip the stone.

24" x 20mm height segment

60mm arbor

Suggested Operating Parameters on the Donatoni saw when cutting Quartzite Stone:

Bridge Saws: 1750 rpm.32"-60" per minute-depending on hardness of the Quartzite.

Suggested Operating Parameters on Quartz and Granite:

Bridge Saws: 1750 rpm.60"-120" per minute-depending on hardness of the Quartzite.

Why is the Weha Quartzite Diamond Bridge Saw Blade the best Blade to cut Quartzite on the Donatoni Saws?

Because of the type of bond that the White Lion Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade is produced with, the life will be a little shorter than other 20mm granite bridge saw blades. But being able to cut 3cm quartzite stone in one pass without having sparks shoot out of the stone is a huge benefit and worth the sacrifice of theshorter life.

We havehave taken into consideration all 5 questions above to design and create anARIX Bond segment that will cut fast and smooth, without chipping, and give thelife of a 25mm height segment.

TheSegment is the Layered ARIX technology to give high diamond concentration andcontinuous diamond contact with the stone. The bond matrix is specifically for quartzite, quartz, granite, and engineered stone.

Whatcore did we use? German silent core, of course!

What we produced is a premium designed blade that will give a fab shop production,speed, clean cuts, life, and overall exceptional performance.

1)What bond will be used for the material you will be cutting. The White Lion Bridge Saw blade bond was made specifically for cutting Quartzite stone. Granite and Engineered Stone will be cut at even a faster speed than other 20mm granite bridge saw blades.

2)What type of Matrix will be used? We used the ARIX Layered diamond Technology for continuous diamond contact to the stone and maximum diamond concentration for as long of a life as possible when cutting Quartzite, granite and engineered stone

3)Do you want life or speed? Well, we wanted both! By using the ARIX matrix diamond technology with the segment design to remove slurry and "bite" the stone, we have achieved a fast cut of 10-15 ft per minute with exceptional life in Granite and Engineered stone. Depending on the Quartzite, Cutting speed with the White Lion Bridge Saw blade will be in the 5-10 ft per minute range for cutting Quartzite. It is always best to watch the amps on the saw to see the best cutting speed when cutting quartzite.

4)How tall of a segment will be used for the material being cut? We chose a 20mm segment height based upon the bond of the segment. We have found that a 20mm height when cutting Quartzite material either on straight or miter cuts seem to be the optimal segment height. This allows the maximum cutting live of the quartzite blade without the inherent risks of breaking 25mm segments, jamming 25mm segments into tables, etc.

5)What type of core will be used for the job at hand? We have chosen to stay with the most widely used and respected core in the world, the German made Silent Core. This core will run quite, smooth, and will not fatigue or deflect during cuts. Below you will see a review from one of the White Lion Quartzite Bridge Saw Blade users who are using this silent core blade to cut 45 degree miters on 2" thick quartzite without any issues. This Silent Core is strong! It will be a little louder than other silent cores but not a bad price to pay in order to cut quartzite on a mite without deflection.


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    Weha White Lion
    White Lion Bridge Saw Blade
    Weha White Lion Bridge Saw Blade

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