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Partner Companies

Please check out or Partner companies and really good friends that we think can help you in your business:

Informational Resources

  • Granite Polishing Pads - This informational website is provided for supplemental resource for Weha polishing pads. It includes a variety of information and articles that may be of interest to fabrication professionals.
  • Granite Cleaner and Stone Sealers - Website that serves as a supplemental and informational resource for Lustro Italiano.
  • Granite Diamond Blades - An informative website designed to be a supplemental and informational resource or Weha diamond blades. It features articles and other information about diamond blades and the fabrication industry.
  • Filter Project USA - Information about various equipment designed to assist stone fabrication professionals with processing dust caused in stone fabrication. Equipment featured on the site includes water treatment plants, dry and wet dust collectors and sludge dehydrators.