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Diamond & Silicon Carbide Cupwheels

Silicon Carbide and Diamond Cupwheels

You need a variety of cupwheels in the fabrication industry in order to get a of cutting, shaping, and grinding completed. And no matter what task you are tackling, Weha has a perfect cupwheel for the job. Whether you reach for a diamond cupwheel, silicon carbide cupwheel, or a combo cupwheel, make sure you grab one of these.

Diamond Cupwheels

Weha has a variety of diamond cupwheels to choose from. If you are searching for a smooth running cupwheel, you will want to give the rubber backed turbo granite cupwheels a test run. Need a diamond cupwheel that is aggressive? Our double height selection is where you will find the one you are lookiing for. For bowls and radius grinding, don't miss the contour diamond cupwheels we have to offer. There are a number of distinct designs, why not take a minute to look around.

Silicon Carbide Cupwheels

Our silicon carbide selection of cupwheels offers 3x3 inch, 4x2 inch, and 5x2 inch sizes. Removing scratches, truing up edges or, believe it or not, polishing stones. check out our silicon carbide cupwheels.

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Double Diamond Marble Blade, 5" Duo Marble Diamond blade with Quad Adapter, Part# 51071 Weha 5" Duo Diamond blade

Weha Price: $58.85