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Engineered Stone & Quartz Diamond Polishing Pads

Quartz Diamond Polishing Pads

The Weha quartz polishing pads are made using the exclusive geometric water displacement technology pattern design. This geo pattern design allows water to flow across and through the pad more efficiently. Thus, keeping the pad from hydroplaning and allowing it to "bite" into the stone. In turn, the pad achieves a polish faster than conventional brick pattern polishing pads. The geometric design also eliminates the segments coming off on the outer edges of the pad. Polish inside bowls, ogee edges, tight inside corners of rectangle sinks and you will not have to worry about the pad coming apart on the edges.

Weha quartz engineered stone (ES) diamond polishing pads are made with white resin designed specifically to eliminate all bleeding on quartz, engineered stone materials. However, these premium pads will also work outstandingly on all granite and quartzite stones as well.

These quartz diamond polishing pads have been tested on practically every material made. Some of these include: materials, and more.

  • Silestone (by Cosentino)
  • Corian Quartz (Zodiaq)
  • Ceaserstone
  • Santa Margherita
  • LG
  • Breton

The results? Weha quartz diamond pads create a "perfect polish" match on these stones. Even though these pads are specified for quartz engineered stone, they will also work on natural stone materials like granite, marble, and quartzite.

ES Pad Types

Weha offers 2 different types of engineered stone diamond polishing pads:

  1. 7 Step Polishing Systems
  2. 3 Step Polishing Systems

7 Step Quartz Pads

Weha 7 Step ES diamond polishing pads are made with non marking, no dye, white resin with high concentration diamonds. This allows the pads to bite into the dense quartz and polish very quickly but not burn the resin in the engineered stone. With 7 steps, this makes puts the traditional 7 step system in a league of its own. For ES material but outstanding polishing on granite, marble, and concrete countertops. Depending on the type of engineered stone and the color, 7 steps may not need to be used.

3 Step Quartz Pads

7 Step polishing pad systems are no the only quartz pads Weha offers. There are 3 step systems too.

3 Step Hybrid Polishing Pads

Weha 3 Step Hybrid Diamond polishing pads has truly revolutionized the diamond polishing pad process. 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pads will literally polish Silestone, Zodiaq, Caesarstone, and all other quartz stone in 3 steps. Even the blacks and browns.

Trilogy 3 Step Diamond Pads for Dark Quartz

As far as 3 step diamond polishing pads that will polish black, brown, grey, Quartz stone in 3 steps, the Trilogy 3 step diamond pads are the number 1 pad in the industry. Not only will they polish light and dark quartz in 3 steps, but they will also polish granite such as Uba Tuba, Baltic Brown, Black Absolute, and the easy lighter color stones in 3 steps.

If you are looking for Silestone diamond polishing pads, Zodiaq diamond polishing pads, Caesarstone diamond polishing pads, Caeserstone diamond polishing pads, granite diamond polishing pads, granite diamond polishing pads, and concrete diamond polishing pads, then you have come to the right page!

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4" 3 Piece Set of 3 Step Hybrid Polishing Pads Weha 4" 3 Step Hybrid Set/3

Weha Price: $82.50

Trio 3 Step Diamond Polishing Pad Set 4" Weha TRIO 3 STEP

Weha Price: $75.00