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Filter Project Sludge Dehydrators

Sludge Dehydration Equipment

Sludge Dehydration equipment for managing slurry and sludge generated from processing and fabricating the following materials:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Quartzite
  • Engineered Stone
  • Concrete

This multiple sludge dehydrator filters natural and engineered stone sludge and slurry materials. It is built in complete stainless steel AISI304. The durable construction ensures years and years of use without rust and deterioration.

The mud and sluge that is drained into the pit tanks is pumped through the 1 HP submerged pump (provided) into to the upper holding tank of the dehydrator.

The sludge and mud is gravity fed down from the holding tank and drained inside the filtering bags where the excess water comes out of the bag and the sludge and mud stay inside the bags, allowing the dehydration of the mud.

The Sludge Dehydrator comes in 3, 4, and 5 valve bag systems. Each valve has a shut off. Once the bag has been filled, turn off the valve so the water can drain out of the sludge bag allowing the sludge/mud to dry out.

Once hardened, the bag can easily be disposed of. These dehydrators are certainly the highest quality and most user-friendly system for eliminating the sludge/mud from the floor pits and tanks.

One of the most dreaded jobs is getting down inside those pits with a shovel and scooping out that sludge and mud! It can take from a few hours to a full day to get 1 or more of those tanks cleaned out adequately.

Not only that but production has to stop, be diverted, or guys come in on a weekend to get it done. All of this costs employee time and company money. Simply by installing a Sludge Dehydrator and having it regularly pump out the sludge from the first tank, it will drastically reduce or even eliminate any downtime and keep a tremendous amount of Sludge and mud out of those pits.

For the shops that have 2-3 tanks that allow gravity to reduce the sludge for recycling that water back through equipment, you will find the water coming out of that 2nd and 3rd tank will be so much cleaner.

Filter Project Dehydrators have tank capacities from 60 gallons of sludge water all the way to 99 gallons of sludge capacity. This is a weekly sludge removal of approximately 80-120 gallons of sludge.

The sludge removers are the best sludge dehydrators for removing sludge and slurry from: Granite Sludge, Marble Sludge, Cultured Marble Sludge, Quartz Stone Sludge, Engineered Stone Sludge, Quartzite Sludge, Cement Sludge, and other materials that produce fine sludge and slurry.

These sludge bag systems are made in Italy using premium grade stainless steel, premium valves, strong and durable submersible 1 HP pumps, and a high quality electrical system. Filter Project quality, durability, longevity, and trouble free long term use is the most important and primary goal in producing the best sludge dehydrators.

Filter Project is a family owned Italian company that only focuses on sludge dehydration, dust collection, and water filtration. They know their stuff and are extremely professional in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining the best systems in the stone industry.

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