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Tile Cutting & Install Tools

Stone & Ceramic Tile Cutting and Install Tools

Regardless of whether the material you are cutting or installing is a hard stone tile, ceramic tile, thick glass sheets, porcelain tile, or even sintered stone tiles such as Dekton, you need tools that are made for cutting extremely hard material. We have a variety of tools and material handling equipment that are designed to work with tiles made of several materials.

Tile Leveling Tool

Tile leveling tools exist in a number of types. We offer one of the recent tools that many call a game changer because of its effective results in increasing efficiency. The Weha Tile Quake vibrating leveling tool is made for gripping, setting, and leveling tiles of various material into place. The tile quake vibrating tile leveler works on large format porcelain tiles and also on stone tile and glass tiles.

Tile Saw Blades

If you are using a tile saw to cut stone tiles for pool decking, another outdoor walking surface, or ceramic porcelain floor tiles we offer tile blades. Continuous rim tile saw blades in a variety of diameters means you can select a tile saw blade that will get the job done. Many from which to choose and different styles including a copper core continuous rim tile saw blade that draws heat away from the blade's edge to assit with cooling.

Tile Vacuum Cups

Lifting and handling tiles can be easy, or it can be hard. If you're using a vacuum cup to grab tiles and panels to place them or just to move them, the task is easier. Of course the tile need to be big enough to warrant using a vacuum cup tool, but they are available in various sizes. And as we mentioned above, the vibrating tile leveling tool even helps with setting and leveling tiles.

So check out the tile installation and handling equipment here on the site. You can check out a few of the products below.

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