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3 Step Hybrid Pads

Quality 3 Step Hybrid Polishing Pads

These polishing pads are changing the way shops operate by offering technology that allows fabricators to achieve an amazing polish in three steps. Additionally, the 3 Step Hybrid polishing pads can be used wet or dry on granite and marble materials.

Over the years the number of steps needed to achieve a deep polish has gone from 7 to 5 and now to only 3 steps. The 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pad system offers a versatile polishing pad that gives a great polish. These high quality 3 step pads will give excellent results and are compatible with many materials, both natural and engineered. They are not the lowest priced pads, but when it comes to three step systems, cheap ones simply do not measure up.

Quality is a Must

When it comes to 3 step systems, you really do get what you pay for. So what can you expect from these 3 Step Hybrid pads? Weha 3 Step Hybrid pads contain the best diamonds, materials, and resins. If a product must be good, it must be made using good material. That is the case with these polishng pads. The results reflect the quality of these pads. Notice what you can expect from this 3 Step Hybrid system:

  • High quality finish that surpasses that of 7 step systems.
  • 40-60% faster shop production.
  • Polishing pad system that works on multiple materials, both natural and engineered.
  • Reasonably priced.

Productivity Means Profits

Of course the polishing pad system that you choose as a fabrication shop is reflected in the productivity and the quality of the work done. Doing high quality work is important, but increasing the productivity is what boosts profits. After all, the more high quality work you can do in the same amount of time, the more revenue you generate. Here are some factors that boost productivity:

  • Good Quality
  • Increased Footage
  • One Pad, Many Materials
  • Simpler Purchasing
  • Lower Cost Per Linear Foot

Quick View

  • 3mm Thickness
  • Super Flexible
  • Granite: Wet OR Dry Use
  • Marble: Wet OR Dry Use
  • Engineered Stone: Wet Use
  • Max RPM: 4,500
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