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Stone Dollies and Fabrication Carts

Material Handling Equipment

Weha offers quality made shop carts that are designed and built to last for years. Whether you are looking for a flexible V cart or a dolly for taking on installs, you're sure to find the right dolly or cart here.

Shop Carts and Dollies

Weha offers a complete line of granite material handling, stone material handling carts and dollies. We have different shop and install dollies. One slab dolly with 2 wheels and one with 4 wheels.

Some stone professionals prefer the Universal Stone Buggy which is a great in-shop buggy for moving cut pieces around during the normal daily routine. Others prefer the V cart. Because of its design, the V cart is a great solution for switching sides of the stone with a jib crane, slab lifter, or vacuum lifter.

The Must Have Cart

The shop cart is a must have in every granite fabrication shop.

Weha stone transportation carts and dollies are always premium quality design for years of use. Scan through the various styles of stone carts and dollies below and click on the one that interests you for more details. Weha is your granite and stone material handling source!

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Stone Trolley for Handling Cut Stone Part# 8010143 Flip Cart, V Cart, Stone Flip Cart, Granite Flip Cart, Quartz Flip Cart, Part # 137206 Large Stone Material Handling Stone Cart Shop Cart, Drywall Cart, Part #147604
Weha V cart 2200lb capacity
Weha Price: $696.00
Granite Shop Cart, Stone Install Buggy, Quartz Shop Cart, Stone Shop Cart Par # 142613 Welded Drywall Cart, Welded Granite Drywall Cart, Stone Galvanized Drywall Cart, Part #145501 Galvanized Drywall Shop Cart, Stone Cart Shop Cart, Drywall Cart, Part #145502
Welded Drywall Cart, Welded Stone Cart Shop Cart, Drywall Cart, Part #145499 Stone Material Handling Stone Cart Shop Cart, Drywall Cart, Part #145500 Part#  8161281 Weha Slab Dolly 4 wheel 39"
Weha Slab Dolly 4 wheel
Weha Price: $240.92
8" x 2" Swivel Wheel Weha Granite Shop Cart Wheel Swivel, Part #1902 8" x 2" Fixed Wheel For 1901
8" x 2" Swivel Wheel
Weha Price: $56.00
Fixed Wheel For Weha Shop Cart Part #1903 slab dolly replacement wheel Granite Install Dolly, 4 Wheel Dolly, Granite Dolly, Stone Dolly, Stone Install Dolly Part #137636
Slab Dolly 4 wheel 8" Tire
Weha Price: $211.20
2 Wheel Install Dolly, Granite Install Dolly, Marble Install Dolly, Island Install Dolly Part #137203 Part#  8010159 Weha Universal Stone Material Handling Stone Buggy Cart
Weha 2 Wheel Slab Dolly
Weha Price: $163.20