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Routing and Cutting Tools

Oma Systems Routers are built to run 24 hours a day for years.

Weha has a complete stock of the OMA Electric and Hydraulic Routers, Bowl Cutting Machines, Profile and Polishing Bits for the most popular profiles, and replacement parts for the machines.

These Granite Routers and stone fabrication machines are the best built and longest lasting profile and polishing machines produced.

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Granite Router, Variable Speed Granite Router, Digispeed Electric Profile Machine Part#  8000 Granite Router, Engineered Stone Router, Edge Profiling Machine Route,r Oma CP99, Part# 8002 Granite Bowl Cutter, Marble Vanity Hole, Bowl Router Machine Part#  8003
Taurus Digispeed
Weha Price: $4,475.00
Weha Price: $3,978.17
Oma Hydraulic Pump 220 Volt 3 Phase, Part #  8005 Part#  8006 Oma Hydraulic Pump 220 Volt 3 Phase 4Hp 220V 1 Phase Part#  8071 Antarex Finger Bit Diamond Cutter for Oma Antarex Bowl Router
Engine Hydraulic 3Phase 220V
Weha Price: $1,912.92
Oma Hydraulic Pump 4Hp 22
Weha Price: $2,308.85
Part#  8075 Bearing for tool thin (30x42x7) Pos1 Part#  8076 Bearing for tool thin (30x42x7) Pos2 Part#  8077 Complete Spindle for Antarex
Complete Spindle for Antarex
Weha Price: $359.65
Part#  8078 Spindle Shaft For Antarex Machine Part#  8079 Spindle Bearing for Antarex Part#  8080 Poly Belt for Antarex
Poly Belt for Antarex
Weha Price: $66.12
Part#  8081 Paraoil 7x16x7 Part#  8082 Roller Part#  8083 Oma Hydraulic Motor (1P S 5 GAS)
Paraoil 7x16x7
Weha Price: $5.66
Roller for Auctor/ Antarex
Weha Price: $16.58
Oma Hydraulic Motor 1PS5GAS
Weha Price: $190.72
Part#  8084 Bearing for Drive Wheel Part#  8085 Bearing for CP99 61904 (20x37x9) Part#  8086 Bearing for CP99 61905 (25x42x9)
Bearing for Drive Wheel
Weha Price: $19.86
Bearing for CP99 61904
Weha Price: $35.75
Bearing for CP99 61905
Weha Price: $29.79
Part#  8087 Shaft OMA Part#  8088 Complete Spindle for CP99 Part#  8089 Belt for Machine CP99
Shaft OMA
Weha Price: $138.43
Complete Spindle for CP99
Weha Price: $484.44
Belt for Machine CP99
Weha Price: $27.81
Part#  8090 Seal for CP99 COD 7030 Part#  8091 Hydraulic Motor (1ps6.7 GAS) COD. 100306810 Part#  8092 Motor Pulley for CP99
Seal for CP99 COD 7030
Weha Price: $4.91
Hydraulic Motor (1ps6.7 GAS)
Weha Price: $190.72
Motor Pulley for CP99
Weha Price: $192.32
Part#  8093 Pulley Part#  8094 Rapid Connection F 1/4 (F-FIRG14SA BSP) 803600008 Part#  8095 Rapid Connection M3/8(M-FIRG38CBN BSP) 803600001
Weha Price: $98.99
Rapid Connection F 1/4
Weha Price: $45.02
Rapid Connection m3/m8
Weha Price: $22.51
Part#  8096 Connection for Water Hose Part#  8097 Rapid Connection F 3/8 (FIRG38 BSO) 800800104 Part#  8098 Rapid Connection M 1/4(M-FIRG14 BSP) 800800001
Connection for Water Hose
Weha Price: $1.79
Rapid Connection F 3/8
Weha Price: $44.58
Rapid Connection M 1/4
Weha Price: $24.77
Part#  8099 Connection COD 622200 Part#  8100 Hydraulic Pump PHC1-4.3 CM3/G DX Part#  8101 Water Connector
Connection COD 622200
Weha Price: $5.26
Hydraulic Pump PHC1-4.3
Weha Price: $426.87
Water Connector
Weha Price: $313.77
Part # 10A15KIT Knob and Washers for Oma Routers Part # 3C05 OMA Hydraulic Pressure Hose 3/8" Dia x 175 Bar Part # 4C03 OMA Hydraulic Pressure Hose 5-16" Dia x 190 Bar
OMA Knob with both
Weha Price: $38.14
Hydraulic Pressure Hose
Weha Price: $92.23
Part # OMAHYDWRKSTN OMA Hydraulic Bowl & Router System Workstation Part # 12S03 Oma Antarex Height Adjustment Wheel OMA Loc-Line Set
Oma Hydraulic Work Station
Weha Price: $9,906.71
OMA Loc-Line Set
Weha Price: $30.41
Part# 2T00 Complete Spindle for Taurus Granite Router, Quartz Router, Stone Router, Electric Router, Rock Dog, Weha, Part # 9000
Complete Spindle for Taurus
Weha Price: $1,143.57