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Weha 14" and 16" Matrix SJ SawJet Diagonal Diamond Bridge Saw Blades Diamond Blade for Quartz, Quartzite, Granite and Marble

The Weha Matrix SJ SawJet Blade is a premium diagonal layered diamond blade designed to cut fast, clean and quiet.

The MatrixSJ Diamond Bridge Saw blades are for granite, Quartzite, engineered stone, quartz materials. Also great on marbles.

The Matrix SJ is built specifically for Sawjets. These Matrix SJ Sawjet bridge saw blades are cutting faster with super clean cuts and great life when compared to other blades used on sawjets. These blades work well on Park Industries Fusion CNC Sawjet, Park Saber, Baca Robo Sawjet, both Northwood Robotic Sawjet, and other CNC Sawjets.

The Matrix SJ operating parameters on a cnc sawjet will be between 1700-1800 rpm with feed rates between 12'-18' per minute, depending on material. Life will be very good and the cuts will be spot on accurate and clean.

Unlike other layered blades, the Weha Matrix S Bridge Saw Blade diamonds are layered at a diagonal to the core. This allows 100% continuous cutting with diamonds. Other layered diamonds have a layer of diamond and a layer of filler, then another layer of diamond.

Because of the continuous layer of diagonal diamonds, the Weha Matrix SJ will last as long as 20-25mm height blades.

This unique layered diamond is performing like no other blade on the market.

Super quiet. Outstanding life.
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