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Diamond Dry and Wet Core Bits

We offer many different types of diamond core bits and drilling options for granite, marble, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, and the new sintered stone such as Dekton and Lapitec.

High Grade Core Bits

The Weha CNC core bits are high grade CNC core bits for use on all CNC machines. Our CNC diamond core bits come with the 1/2 gas thread.

High Speed Core Bits

The dry diamond core bits are high speed diamond core bits for granite, marble, and engineered stone. With diamonds on both the inside and outside of the core, these 5/8-11 threaded high speed diamond core bits will drill a hole in granite in less than 30 seconds.

Wet Diamond Core Bits

Weha also offers the traditional wet diamond core drill bits for shop use. These diamond core bits will drill granite, engineered stone and will drill marble without chipping or blowout.

Weha carries the small diameter diamond non coring bits for anchors, bolts, etc. Please click on one of the diamond core bit options below to see all the sizes and details to fit your fabrication needs.

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