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Water Treatment

What is Water Costing You?

Water processing boosts productivity, saves wear and tear on valuable equipment and in the end increases profitability. How so? In a number of ways:

  • Water Costs
  • Fines & Fees
  • Costly Equipment Repair
  • Equipment Down Time

Water is not a free resource. In many places there are costs associated with water consumption. Additionally, there are important requirements in many places for the proper disposal of stone fabrication wastewater. Neglecting these requirements results in penalties.

The equipment used is also a resource as long as it is operational. When it is not operational, it then becomes an expensive liability. Unfiltered water that is reused in equipment creates damage that requires repair. And the whole time the machine is down, productivity is reduced.

The better option is to make use of a high quality water filtration process. There is more than one system, but the idea is to have one in place so you can avoid added costs and increase profits.

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