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Water Filtration and Clarification Systems

Day by day filtration and clarification systems for shop water become more essential. In the last several years keeping sludge out of the drainage system has become a priority. In fact, OSHA monitoring and regulations have been on the rise in recent times. Additionally, the automation of the fabrication process has a bearing on the need for higher capacity water treatment systems. In this article, we will consider two kind of "closed loop" water recycling systems. We will define what each type is and look at the similarities and differences between them.

Filter Press Water Recycling Systems

The first style of water recycling system used in the stone industry that we will discuss is what is known as a "filter press" system. Filter Press recycling systems use high pressure press systems created inside filtering chambers through special pumps that filter the water. After the water is filtered, it then moves to a clean water holding tank for reuse in the shop.

Silo Style Gravity Decanter Systems

The silo style gravity decanter system is a water recycling system that works by pumping water into a silo where it is mixed with a flocculant chemical that facilitates the separation of the particles from the water. The particles sink to the bottom of the silo and the clean water stays at the top. The clean water flows from the top of the silo into a holding tank where it is ready fro reuse in the shop.

What the Two Systems Have In Common

There are a number of similarities between these two styles of water recycling systems. The first similarity is that both types of systems produce excellent water for general shop use. And, you can even add micron filters to increase the clarity of the water to produce crystal clear water for use for the CNC spindle and all other applications.

Another commonality that both styles of system share is that they can be built to fit the needs of a specific shop. Whatever water consumption your shop has, either system can be tailored to fit that consumption level. In fact, each system can be custom designed based on various factors such as:

  • Machines Used
  • Building Layout
  • Water Consumption
  • Anticipated Future Growth

How the Systems Are Different

The main difference between the Gravity Decanter style system and the Filter Press style system is the way the water and particles are separated. The results are the same and the benefits are achievable with either machine.

Another difference would be the pricing. In fact, pricing would really be unique between any two systems because each closed loop recycling system would be tailored to the specific shop for which it is being built. To get the best idea of which kind of system would be best for you, we recommend talking to us about your shop's needs and future expectations. Why? Because there are two facets to the cost effectiveness. 1) Initial Cost and 2) Rate of ROI. Selecting the proper system for your shop can help you to optimize the cost savings.

Water Filtration and Clarification System Comparison
Feature Silo Gravity Decanter System Filter Press System
Effective Clarification YES YES
Gray Water YES YES
Crystal Clear Water YES YES
Closed Loop System YES YES
Sludge Management YES YES
Used With Filter Press YES YES
Storage Tank YES YES
Pit Pump YES YES
Water Reusable In Shop YES YES
Storage Tank Pump YES YES
Installation Time YES YES
Reducton In Water Use YES YES
ROI 2-5 Years ???

Depending on your budget, you will want to consider not only the cost of the machine, but also the ROI and how quickly the savings will pay for itself. Each shop has their own budget within which to work. But we would love to talk to you about the benefits attainable by using a closed loop water recycling system.

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