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Tools for Working With Tiles and Stone

Weha USA offers a number of tools for working with various materials; including stone and tiles. Whether you need to chisel a slab's edge, set tiles or panels, or even polish the surface of a stone, we have tools for the task.

Air Polishers

Air polishers are an important piece of equipment for the shop and we offer effective polishers for wet polishing. You can learn more about the QB9 Center Water Feed Air Polisher or the speedy Side Exhaust Air Polisher.

Planetary Polishers

Polishing tools don't stop at the air polishers. No, we recently introduced the "PIG" Planetary polishing system for working countertop surfaces. This piece of equipment is proven to be effective for working all sorts of stone surfaces and is made especially for countertop surfaces.

Air Grinders and Cutters

Another category of handy air tools that you will find here is the air grinder. These power tools are effective for cutting and shaping tasks performed on natural stone materials. One such tool you will find here is the WH185 5" High Speed Water Fed Grinder.

T-31 Anchor Machines

If you are a seasoned installer or fabricator, then you know the value of an efficient T-31 anchoring tool. And Weha offers a kit that is very effective for sink installs. The system we offer allows for the anchor slots to be cut from the top of the stone rather than requiring it to be flipped over.

Diamond Drills

Drilling holes comes with the territory in the business of working with stone, tiles, and even concrete. And there are locations that require the wet mess be kept to a minimum. That's where the Aquashot diamond drill kit comes into play. Team it up with your cordless impact drill and you have a portable drill that keeps the bit cool and reduces the mess.

Very handy and efficient for drilling small holes on site. Easy to use and keeps the mess well contained. On site, blind hole coring is a breeze with Aqua Shot set up.

Pricey, until you need it, then it is worth every penny & then some.

Highly recommended.

- Dan Riccolo from Morris, IL United States

Tile Leveling Tools

When working with tiles that must be affixed to a surface, it is imperative that the bonding agent and the tile be in close contact. This allows for the tile to be firmly attached. Weha offers the Tile Quake vibrating tile leveling tool for tile installation.

Stone Chisels

Sometimes you need an unfinished edge on a stone slab that has been processed and is finished. That is, you want to convert a smooth finished edge to an unfinished edge that resemles a split face finish. You cna do just that with the stone chiseling machine offered here.

Parts and Accessories

Any good tool in the hands of an excellent artisan is going to get a lot of use. Much use, in turn, results in wear and tear on a machine. Rather than replacing the entire machine though, you can in many cases simply restore the existing machine by replacing a part. Accessories also enhance a machine or give it additional capabilities. Because of this, Weha USA offers many parts and accessories for fabrication tools.

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Part # WVS21 Tile Quake Vibrating Tile Leveler TileQuake

Weha Price: $240.00
Spring for T Anchor Spring for T Anchor

Weha Price: $12.95
Aqua Shot Body for 3/8" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot Body for

Weha Price: $30.42
Aqua Shot Body for 5/16" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot Body for

Weha Price: $26.01
Aqua Shot Body for 1/4" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot Body for

Weha Price: $26.01
Aqua Shot Replacement 1/4" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot

Weha Price: $21.93
Aqua Shot Replacement 3/8" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot

Weha Price: $40.75
Aqua Shot Replacement 5/16" Mistdia Cutter Aqua Shot

Weha Price: $36.21
AquaShot Stone, Glass, & Porcelain Drill Kit Aqua Shot Kit

Weha Price: $504.90

Part # QB936 QB9 Rear Gasket #36 QB9 Rear Gasket #36

Weha Price: $0.49