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Dry Dust Collection Systems

Filter Project dry dust collection systems are made to be used for a variety of materials. Their design makes them an efficient and convenient solution for professionals fabricating a variety of materials. Filter Project dust collection systems trap 99% of dust and other harmful airborne particles. Let's take a look at some of the materials these dust collection systems are being used to control.

Natural Stone Dust Collection Systems

Dust from natural stone, like many other materials, contains silica. Filter Project dry dust collection systems afford stone fabricators a dry dust control method so that particles from various natural stone is kept under control. Particles in this groups of particulates include:

Man Made Materials - Engineered Surface Dust Control

It might be tempting to conclude that man made materials do not contain silica. However, many (if not all) of them do. Why? Silica is an abundant substance. Additionally, a key ingredient used for manufacturing man made surfaces is the mineral quartz; which is high in silica content. Therefore, many of the man made surfaces contain silica and need to be processed in the presence of a dust control system to collect the dust incidental to engineered materials. Some of the particulates generated from engineered materials include:

Other Industrial Dust Collection Needs

Even though Filter Project dry dust control systems are used by many stone professionals. There are other industries making use of this technology and benefiting from dust control systems designed to remove harmful particles from the air. Industrial tasks of various kinds create particulates that must be controlled for the safety of the worker(s) in the environment. here is a list of some of the industrial particles controlled by industrial dust control systems:

  • Abrasive Blasting Dust
  • Carbon Black Dust
  • Cast Iron Grinding Dust
  • Chemical Dust
  • Food Processing Dust
  • Fertilizer Dust
  • Wood Dust
  • Paper Processing Dust
  • Metal Dust
  • Food Processing Dust
  • Polymer Dust
  • PVC Dust
  • Pharmaceutical Dust

As you can see from the information so far, time would fail us if we listed every kind of particle that warrants the use of a quality industrial dust control system. The point is this; if your industry generates dust, you need to be mindful of how to collect dust from the air in your industry. Dust collection methods vary and most of the time the best way to manage dust in the shop or manufacturing plant is to combine techniques.

Filter Project Dust Control Machines

Filter Project dry dust booths are all stainless steel, heavy duty, and are made to eliminate 99.99% of dust particles. With the additional requirements initiated by OSHA for silica in the granite and engineered stone industries, clean air dry dust collection is proving to be a major advantage in removing silica dust from the work environment.

The operation is extremely simple and does not require constant attention. Simply push the button on the unit and then work in front of the dust collector. The dust generated by the worker is vacuumed horizontally into the machine without the fabricator breathing any of the dust.

How Do Dry Dust Control Systems Work?

The Filter Project dust control systems have specially designed cloth filtering sleeves inside the machine. When turned on, the powerful motors create a strong vacuum which creates a flow of air into the machine. The dust particles generated by the worker travel horizontally from the work bench directly into the dust suction wall via the intake vents. The air (and particles) travel to the filtering sleeves which trap the dust and allows the 99.99% clean air to come out of the top of the dust collection booth.

The Granite and Stone dust is then collected in the catch basin draw at the bottom of the dry dust collection booth. Every day or once a week simply empty the dust that has been collected in the bottom of the catch basin.

Machine Specs

Filter Project dust collection systems come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Two of the popular booth style dust collectors offered are as follows:

10ft Dry Shop Dust Collector

  • Suction Length: 115"
  • Total Length: 128"
  • Width: 43"
  • Height: 96"
  • Weight: 858 lbs
  • Power 220 (3phase): 4 hp
  • Aspiration: 9417 cfm
  • Dust Effectiveness: 99.99%
  • Noise Level (dB): 67*
  • *Noise levels: 60dB = Normal Conversation; 70dB = Toilet Flushing/Vacuum Cleaner; 80 dB = Heavy Traffic/Noisy Restaurant

13ft Dry Dust Collection System

  • Suction Length: 155"
  • Total Length: 179"
  • Width: 43"
  • Height: 96"
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Power 220 (3phase): 8 hp
  • Aspiration: 18834 cfm
  • Dust Effectiveness: 99.99%
  • Noise Level (dB): 67*
  • *Noise levels: 60dB = Normal Conversation; 70dB = Toilet Flushing/Vacuum Cleaner; 80 dB = Heavy Traffic/Noisy Restaurant

Demos & Informative Videos

Scan QR code to the right to view videos of Filter Project dry dust collector cabinets or check out the the entire playlist here.

The Filter Project dry dust collection booth comes with a 3 ft (1 meter) extension enclosure that provides additional dust control and greater vacuum efficiency. 6 ft (2 meter) extension enclosures are available as options.

Two Cleaning Modes Available

These industrial dust collectors in automatic self clean mode are a self-cleaning system using compressed air, made by a pressurized tank, and a series of membrane electrovalves with specific blowing tubes inside the cloth filter sleeves and controlled by an automatic sequencer. The machine detects when the filter sleeves need to be cleaned and uses the compressed air to blow the dust off the filter sleeves, leaving them fresh for the next round of dust collection.

In manual clean mode this unit offers all the same dust extraction benefits as the automatic dust collector but the cloth filter sleeves will be cleaned by a worker. This dust collection system is a special order item and is not stocked.

Filter Project dust collection booths are available in 3 sizes:

Quality Assured

Filter Project makes the best Granite Dust Collectors,Quartzite Dust Collectors, Engineered Stone Dust Collectors, Marble Dust Collectors in the stone industry.

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