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Trio Three Step Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

Trio 3 Step Flexible Polishing Pad Set

This polishing pad system is effective for working on curved surfaces. Great polishing pad for polishing sink bowls and other surfaces that are not perfectly flat.

Geometric Water Displacement Technology

The polishing pad's geometrically shaped pattern designed to displace the water as you are polishing. This technology means hydroplaning is controlled and the pad is able to "bite" into the stone better. Making the pad polish faster than conventional brick patterned polishing pads. The segments of the polishing surface's edge tend to last much longer since the contact surface is more evenly distributed across the edge of the pad.

High Quality Flexible Polishing Pad

The Trio 3 Step polishing system is a high quality flexible polishing pad that is a full 3mm thick and packed with premium quality diamonds and resin that won't bleed or mark the stone.


  • 3mm Thick
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Max RPM: 4500
  • Water Displacing Geometric Pattern
  • White Hybrid Color-safe Resin
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