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Bushhammer Tools

Bush Hammer tools are designed to be mounted on your manual or automatic polishing machines. Whether you are looking for a coarse, medium, or fine design for limestone or marble surfaces, there is a tool here for you. Some of the tools available include:

  • Roto-Scratcher - The Roto-Scratcher tool creates a coarse design on limestone and marble surfaces.
  • Manu-Blaster - The sandblasting plate Manu-Blaster offers 3 different sandblasting designs on limestone and marble.
  • Line-Scratcher - Line-Scratcher is a tool for fine or coarse scratching of limestone and marble.
Bush Hammer Catalog Bridge Scratchers

Catalog of bushhammer tools and parts for use on manual and automatic machines.

Bridge scratcher bushhammer tools for use on granite and marble natural stone.

Bush Hammer Parts

Looking for bushhammer tool parts? This is the rea that you want to be sure and take a look at.

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12" Granite Master 30
Weha Price: $2,443.00
450mm (18") Bush hammer
Weha Price: $3,087.00
450mm Bush hammer
Weha Price: $2,510.00

Part#  130613 6" Piranha Bush Hammer Part#  6313020 Bearing 3201 2 RS with Clip for Weha Bush Hammer
6" Piranha Bush Hammer
Weha Price: $450.00
Blaster 2000 bush hammer
Weha Price: $225.00
. . Weha Blaster 2000 Bush Hammer
Blaster 400 FF Bush Hammer
Weha Price: $275.00
Weha Blaster 400 FF Bush Hammer Granite Bridge Scratcher Tips
Part#  BHC Bush Hammer Catalog Bush Hammer Line-Scratcher
Bush Hammer-Line Scratcher
Weha Price: $1,196.00
Marble Bridge Scratcher Tips

Download the Weha Bush Hammer PDF catalog or scroll through the PDF on the website.

Granite Bridge Scratcher #122154
Crocodile Bush hammer with
Weha Price: $294.00
FF Blaster 1400 bush hammer
Weha Price: $225.00
Granite Bridge Scratcher
Weha Price: $3,150.00
FF Blaster 1400 Bush Hammer .G
Part#  6313070 M12mm Bolt with Grease Nipple and Spacers for Frankfurt Bushhammer Manu-Blaster Bush Hammer
Granite-Master 4 3/4" 120mm
Weha Price: $737.00
Manu-Blaster Bush Hammer
Weha Price: $625.23
Marble Bridge Scratcher
Weha Price: $1,760.00
Piranha Bush Hammer Spur
Weha Price: $24.30
Red Guard for Bush hammer
Weha Price: $130.00
Bushhammer Roto-Scratcher
Roto- Scratcher
Weha Price: $1,356.60
The Roto Scratcher Plate for Sandblasting
Part#  6313040 Seals with Spacers for Weha Bushhammer
Seals with Spacers for
Weha Price: $17.65
Stock Master 4 3/4" 120mm
Weha Price: $737.00
Stockwalze 45 Roller 45
Weha Price: $230.00
Part#  6311080 Weha Granite Master 20 Frankfurt Diamond Bush Hammer
Strike Scratcher 800
Weha Price: $580.24
Support Bracket 40 x 30mm
Weha Price: $32.12
Strike Scratcher 800 Support Roller 40x30mm Granite master