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Weha manufactures and distributes many different granite material handling work table options for working with granite and stone counter tops.

Weha offers 2 different fabrication stands. These simple work tables allow you to layout the counter top including the L kitchens as well as islands.

Weha offers 3 longer granite work tables:

  • The basic Green 79: Work Table has 4 swivel locking casters with space in the middle for cutting out and polishing bowls
  • The Blue Fabrication work table is an awesome in shop work station with alot of options
  • The Weha Slide/Lamination work table is a multifunction work station for granite, marble,quartz. The supports slide up and down the rail for single or double cut outs.

Weha also offers the Achilli Slab Carts for moving full slabs or cut pieces to Bridge saws, cnc machines, and work tables

Click on any of the pictures below to see a full description and detail of each of work tables and fab stands below

Weha is your Granite and Stone Material Handling source!

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28" Granite Work Table, White Rubber Work Table, Stone Work Table, Quartz Work Table Part #140470 Part # VD080391 Weha Pit Fabrication Stand - Each Granite Work Table, Wood Insert Work Table, Wood Work Table, Quartz Work Table Part # 143370
Weha Pit Fab stand-each
Weha Price: $343.46
Sale Price: $206.00
Savings: $137.46

Granite Work Table, White Rubber Work Table, Stone Work Table, Quartz Work Table Part #140465 Part # 8020492 Caster without Brake for Work Table Part # 8020481 Caster with Brake for Work Table
Fabrication Stand, Fab Stand, Granite Fabrication Stand, Adjustable Fab Stand Part #137235 Expandable Scissor work Table Cut Out Support Stand, granite cut out stand, Stone Support, Part # 138721
Weha Fab stand-each
Weha Price: $102.00
Weha Sink Cut Out Stand
Weha Price: $102.00

Adjustable Sculptures Stand, Adjustable Stone Sculpting table, Par # 8010130 Weha Lock Down Pedal Replacement White Replacement Rubber for Table #140465WRUBBER
Rotating Trestle Star
Weha Price: $599.81
White Replacement Rubber for Table #140470WRUBBER