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Weha 6" White Lion Quartzite Diamond Turbo Blade
6" White Lion Diamond Quartzite Turbo Blade

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Weha Price: $42.50

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock

Part Number: 128901

Weha 6" White Lion Quartzite Turbo Blade for Quartzite, Quartz, Granite, Stone

The Weha 6" White Lion Diamond Turbo Blade was made specifically for cutting very hard materials such as Quartzite, Engineered Stone, Quartz, as well as granite.
Made with the very high diamond content and a bond to keep sharp, the Weha White Lion Quartzite Turbo Blade will cut fast and clean

The Weha White Lion Bridge Saw blade sets the standard in Quartzite cutting. Now get the same high quality cuts in a turbo blade.

If you are looking for one blade to fabricate anything that comes through the fabrication shop, whether its marble, granite, quartz, Quartzite, Engineered Stone, or any other stone, The Weha Quartz and Quartzite turbo blade will cut it.

The Weha White Lion Quartzite Turbo Blade can be used wet or dry in all materials.

10mm high diamond rim for maximum life expectancy
A bond built specifically for quartzite
Cooling holes to keep the blade running true and help extend life
Quad holes for quad adapters for many useful applications

6" x 10mm QuartziteTurbo Blade
7/8" - 20-5/8" 4 pin quad hole

The White lion6" Quartzite Turbo blade is perfect for cutting Taj Mahal Quartzite, Azul Macaubas, White Macaubas quartzite, Blanco Shadow Quaertzite, Blue Lagoon Quartzite, Calacatta, Canyon Dawn, Elegant Brown, Fantazy Brown Quartzite, etc
Weha White Lion Turbo Blade in use
White Lion Quartzite Turbo Blade in use
White Lion Turbo Blade

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