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Weha White Rubber Ratchet
White Rubber Ratcheting Seam Setter


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Weha Price: $717.88

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:(Out of Stock)

Part Number: 122814

The Weha Ratchet Seam Setter with White Rubber is an excellent choice for the counter top seam installations.
  • The 2 8" soft white rubber vacuum cups will hold a vacuum while the glue is setting up. On more porous stones, a simple pump or 2 on each cup will continually provide vacuum if necessary
  • White rubber will not create rings, black marks, stains, etc, on more delicate materials such as white marbles or light engineered stones.
  • Comes with 2 levelers. Place on either side of the seam to quickly level the top. Plenty strong enough to pull up the stone to put shims underneath on the cabinet.
  • The Ratchet will quickly pull the 2 pieces of stone together for a perfectly tight seam.
  • At one end of the seam setter you will notice 2 round micro adjustment dials. This micro adjustment will allow very minor adjustments to finish off the seam to make it as tight as possible.
  • Comes with a carry case.

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