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4" Snail lock Back up pad
Part# VZ051040 4" Snail Lock Back-Up Pad Brass Thread
Snail Lock Back up Pad


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Part Number: VZ051040

4" Snail Lock Back-Up Pad 5/8-11 Thread

These are the best snail lock back up pads that can be purchased. Designed primarily to withstand the pressure of automated C Frame and other automated machines, these are made with many premium features. 5/8-11 Brass Threads. Rubber insert around the Brass thread to reduce vibrations, and to break away in case the machine jams. This saves serious repairs to the machines. When used by hand on grinders and polishers, they just might last forever!

4" snail lock back up pad

5/8-11 thread.

Rubber insert designed to break away instead of damaging the machine or the tooling.

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