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16 x 1"Stainless Steel WaterProof Tape Measure
16 foot, Stainless Steel, Tape Measure, No-rust Water Proof Measuring Tape Part # 70601

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Weha Price: $19.95

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Part Number: 70601

16 ft x 1"Stainless Steel WaterProof Tape Measure

The Weha 16 foot x 1" Stainless Steel No Rust Tape Measure is made for harsh working conditions that fabricators work in every day.

Use this tape measure at the saw, cnc, work tables, and during installation.

The features and benefits make the Weha stainless steel tape measure the best tape measure for granite, marble, quartz, ceramic, stone shops .

What makes the Weha Stainless Steel Tape the Best Tape Measure for Fabrication Shops:
1. Patented Hollow Design: This Easy wash out and blow out body design allows for the easy passage of dirt, slurry, water, and mud through the tape measure body. Simply extent the blade out, run water and/or air through it to flush it out. This feature ensures that the tape measure remains functional and easy to clean, regardless of the environmental conditions.

2. Stainless Steel Components: The tape measure is constructed using 301 stainless steel known for its strength, resistance to rust, and durability. This choice of material enhances the longevity of the tape measure, making it suitable for rigorous and continuous use.

3. Durability: The No Rust tape measure features a 1-inch wide stainless steel blade that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The stainless steel blade is not a coating. Instead, we laser etch directly onto the blade to make the blade last longer without worry of the film peeling off.

4. Zero Point Correction Hook: Equipped with a true zero multi-catch hook, the tape measure enables accurate internal and external measurements. This feature is crucial for ensuring precision in measurement tasks.

5. Autolock Mechanism: The blade includes an AUTOLOCK mechanism that maintains its extension when activated, allowing for ease of use during measurement. This mechanism also ensures smooth and controlled retraction of the blade, enhancing user safety.

6. Longer lasting: The Weha stainless steel tape measure is made to last much longer than other tape measures on the market to save you money.

Overall, this 16 ft stainless steel tape measure is designed to offer high durability, precision, and ease of use, especially in challenging work environments. Its construction from high-quality stainless steel and the incorporation of user-friendly features make it a valuable tool for a wide range of uses

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