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About LTL Shipping
  • About LTL Shipping

    About LTL Freight

    Weha USA ships items in various ways. When an item is too large or the dimensions are not practical for shipping via UPS Ground, we ship items using LTL (Less Than Truckload). You can send us a freight quote request and we will provide you with the most accurate freight quote for your shipment of products. This information describes LTL and why it is a practical solution for many items we ship.

    LTL Defined

    One popular question asked by many is, "What does LTL stand for?" As we mentioned above, the acronymn stands for "Less Than Truckload". There are times when LTL shipping is the best method of transport. For many of the items Weha USA ships, this is a good fit and that is the way Weha USA ships those items. Some of the items include:

    • Stone Handling Equipment
    • Vacuum Lifters
    • Saws
    • Storage Racks
    • Floor Machines
    • Storage Racks

    Benefit of LTL Shipping

    When LTL shipping is used, it allows for the transport of large items without requiring a full truck to be reserved. Hence, the process can be a bit more practical and cost effective. This is true when the process is efficiently carried out.

    Since smaller loads can be shipped and you only pay for the trailer space that is used by your part of the shipment, it means you aren't paying for space on a truck that is not being used by you.

    As with anything else, there are trade-offs when shipping LTL shipments. Yet for a number of our items, it has proven to be the best solution in many, many, cases.