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7" Weha Matrix Turbo blade
Part#  51474 Weha 7" Matrix Quad Turbo Diamond Blade


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Weha Price: $37.49

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
Part Number: 51474

Weha Matrix Quad blades are premium turbo blades designed for granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, and even ceramic materials.
The Weha Matrix blade will give a very sharp, clean cut with great life.
Designed with air cool holes to stay cool for continuous cutting.
The Matrix Turbo blade comes with a very stiff, solid core so that it doesn't deflect or bend during the cut
Dry use.
May be used wet.
7” Weha SQ 7”x Dia x 7/8”-5/8”x10mm
Weha EB Yellow Turbo Blade for Natural Stone, Granite, Marble
7" EB Blade used on a Sculpture Project

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