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4" Monkey Quartz Face Polish Surface Polishing Pad 2000 Grit
Quartz Stone Scratch Repair, Engineered Stone face polish, Quartz seam  polish, 2000 Grit Part # 134294

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Weha Price: $20.00

Charlotte, NC Stock Status:In Stock
Part Number: 134294

4" Monkey Quartz Face Polish Surface Polishing Pad 2000 Grit for Quartz, Engineered Stone, Marble,Granite.

The Weha "Monkey" Pads are 4" Velcro backed Quartz Face,surface polishing pads designed specifically to repair the surface of quartz, engineered stone polishing pads.
The Weha Monkey Quartz Surface Polishing Pads will blend the texture of the polish to make it match perfectly with the rest of the top.
Outstanding for quartz scratch repair, blending seams, even polishing edges.

The Weha Monkey pads also work incredibly well on repairing marble etch marks and resurfacing marble counters for repair.

The Weha Monkey Quartz repair polishing pads is a diamond sponge system that holds alot of water. This works amazing when doing repair work inside a home where water is limited.

The Weha Monkey pads will also work on granite surfaces as well

How to use the Weha Monkey Quartz Face Polishing Pads:

To remove a scratch out of a quartz surface:
Start with the Weha Trio 3 step pads using a the Weha Aluminum Rigid Back up Pad or the Weha Thin Rigid back up pad. Use all 3 pads, fanning out each grit, using the typical technique used for surface polishing
After Step 3 start with the Weha Monkey Pad 600 grit, then 1000 grit,then 2000 grit using the same fanning pattern. 1800 RPM or less.
After 2000 grit, dry the surface and see if the finish is matched.
If not, continue to the 3000 grit.
Occasionally, depending on the Quartz stone, a 6000 grit may be needed.

To remove etch marks out of marble:
Start with the 600g Monkey pad with low rpm, 1800 rpm or less, and work over the area in 30 second increments.
Depending on the marble and gloss, a 1000 grit and 2000 grit maybe necessary

The Weha Monkey Quartz Face Surface Polishing Pads work like a sponge. For jobsite use, place them in a bucket of water for 10 minutes or longer. They will absorb water and hold it. This will work excellent for in house repairs as no external water will be needed and it will keep the surface wet and cool.

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