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Turbo Blades for Granite & Marble

Turbo Blades

Weha USA offers a wide selection of diamond turbo blades for cutting granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain and ceramic tile. Which blade you need will depend on what you want to accomplish, what material you are cutting, and budget factors. Here is a little bit of information about some of our turbo blades.

  • Blitz Turbo Blades - have set the standard of premium quality Diamond Turbo Blades for granite and engineered stone. 100-130 feet of cut.
  • Matrix Granite Turbo Blades - are outstanding turbo blades for granite, marbles, engineered stones. Great in the shop. Budget friendly for in field counter top work.
  • SQ Super Quad Turbo Blades - are Ultra Turbo blades with a big rim, unique diamond pattern, and filled with air cool holes to cut fast, clean, and great life.
  • St Side Cut Diamond Turbo Blades - are great for both grinder and saw use. Fantastic for shaping, granite bowl cutouts, and radius cuts.
  • Super Thin Diamond Blades - are extra thin to leave the stone smooth and Chip Free. Excellent for porcelain, Ceramic, and even Granite.
  • Xubi Wave Core Turbo Blades - have a heavy duty 2.3mm thick strong core for heavy grinding and cutting. Soft diamond matrix for fast cutting in granite.

Click on any of the turbo blades below to see the full details, videos, sizes, and pricing.

  • Weha Super Thin Quad Turbo Blades

    Weha Super Thin Turbo blade is an extra thin blade designed to leave the material smooth and chip free. Because the blade is only 1.2mm thick, the blade cuts fast on porcelain, granite, and any hard tile. Dry use. May be used wet
    This is an excellent alternative to the Mesh blades
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Part # 51445 Weha 8" TF Extra Thin Quad Turbo Blade Part#  51460 Weha 5" ST Side Cut Quad Diamond Turbo Blade for Granite, Stone Part#  51461 Weha 6" ST Side Cut Quad Diamond Turbo Blade for Granite, Stone
Part#  51462Q Weha 7" ST Side Cut Quad Diamond Turbo Blade for Granite, Stone Part#  51415 Weha 5" Blitz Ultra Premium Quad diamond turbo blades Part#  51416 Weha 6" Blitz Ultra Premium Quad Turbo Diamond Blade
7" Weha ST Side Cut blade
Weha Price: $55.34
Part#  51417 Weha 7" Blitz Ultra Premium Quad Turbo Diamond Blade Granite 10" Chop Saw, Diamond Blade Granite, Engineered Stone Part#  51463 Weha 4" Ceramica R-Mesh Turbo Blade
Blitz 7" Turbo Blade
Weha Price: $45.00
5" Dekton Blade, 5" Ceramic Blade, 5" Porcelain Blade, 5" Granite Blade Part # PBM5 6" Dekton Turbo Blade, 6" Lapitec Turbo Blade, 6"Porcelain turbo Blade, Part # PBM 6 Weha Ceramica 7” Mesh Blade
Weha Ceramica 5" Mesh Blade
Weha Price: $35.40

Weha Ceramica 6" Mesh Blade
Weha Price: $45.11

12" Chop Saw Blade, 12" Diamond Miter Saw, Part # 51464 4.5" Granite Turbo Blade, Granite Diamond Turbo Blade, Engineered stone Quartz Blade part # 5301 Quartz Turbo Blade, Diamond Granite Turbo Blade, 5" Red Cat Turbo Blade #71405
Weha 4.5" Puma Turbo Blade
Weha Price: $22.10
6" Quartz Turbo Blade, Diamond Granite Turbo Blade, 6" Red Cat Turbo Blade #71405