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Bridge Saws and Tile Saws

Achilli Saws for Every Professional

Achilli is an Italian manufacturer of saws for granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, concrete, and other sheet materials.

Achilli makes several different types of wet cutting saws.

Granite Bridge Saws
Achilli produces several different types of granite bridge saws. These granite cutting saws are made to cut different lengths of materials
Achilli bridge saws can cut straight cuts as well as miter cuts
Achilli has a dedicated 45 degree Miter Bridge Saw built specifically for cutting miters on granite, marble, quartz, and other stone.

Tile Saws
Achilli also produces several modes of wet cutting tile saws. These wet tile saws can cut a variety of materials at different thicknesses.
Achilli wet tile saws have water recycling, side extension tables, and come 95% assembled for quick set up and use.

Best Bridge and Tile Saws
Achilli produces professional grade, long use, bridge saws and tile saws. These saws will last for 15 years or more. These are the best tile saw and bridge tile saws a professional contractor can buy for their business.

Weha USA offers the Achilli stone saws in a range of configurations. The saws listed here in this area are the saws that Weha USA keeps a regular supply of. Additionally, any Achilli product can be specially ordered. So if you are looking for a specific saw with a common set of features, you can order it here. However, if you need a customized saw, we would happy to special order it for you.
For the complete range of products that Achilli offers, please feel free to visit www.achilli.com as well as www.achilli.com

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Part # 14403OPT124 Achilli ANR 130 Bench Tile Saw Accessory Kit
ANR 130 Kit Accessory for
Weha Price: $1,700.00